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Steve Madden Steven by Steve Madden Greece Leather Sandals Zq7IC
Steve Madden Steven by Steve Madden Greece Leather Sandals

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Studio Album, 1995 3.99 | 367 ratings Johnston amp; Murphy Georgiana cGGEMnnj

Review by Progfan97402

Although I've been aware of Anekdoten since 1996, I only bothered buying any of their stuff recently. I was able to acquire original CD copies of Vemod and Nucleus for cheap, which helped me. I can understand why it took me this long to bother buying anything from them. They're simply overrated. They're not bad, but let me explain. Most detractors will accuse these albums as being nothing more than Red-era King Crimson ripoffs. That's not what bother me, but when I listen to this, it sounds more like '90s alternative rock that happens to used quite a lot of Mellotron. That grungy guitar from Niklas Berg could easily come from any given hard-edge alternative rock album of the '90s as would be King Crimson. Anekdoten is often referred to as a retro prog band, but to my ears it sounds clearly from the 1990s. Änglagård is much more retro, even though there's some traits yout can tell that it originated in the 1990s (despite the complete lack of digital keyboards). Regardless, I can see why Anekdoten appeals to many, because you can't deny the intensity of these songs. Nucleus is their second album, released in December 1995, and it sounds like a continuation of its predecessor, although perhaps a heavier approach. Anna Sofi Dahlberg gives some nice mournful cello work, and Niklas Berg is nothing short of a tron fanatic, so there's really no need in saying that on any given Anekdoten release you get treated with plenty of Mellotron. Honestly I'm really torn about this, I guess I need to be in the mood. I really can give it a three and a half star rating. I really feel that being blown away by Änglagård that I was perhaps expecting a bit more with Anekdoten. But even if it's not entirely my thing, I can still recommend Nucleus for those who like their style.

Tommy Bahama Ivy Beach Jj4BYCi8ZP
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Studio Album, 2015 4.13 | 584 ratings BUY

Review by MUK LUKS® Patti Boot WT7ViRb1
Prog Reviewer

Prog Leviathan
Anekdoten returns after a long absence to gift us with , another rock solid entry into the 'heavy prog' sub-genre, and heavy it is, abounding with massive bass and guitar riffing, and pounding, tension-filled songs. However, it's also filled with beauty and nuance through artfully arranged songs and many- layered sounds of mellotron and organ.

"Shooting Star" wastes no time in showing us why Anekdoten remains one of the more powerful, creative, and heavy sounding bands around - even after 8 years of hiatus. The two guitarists lay down an amazing amount of sound, crushing the listener during the song's numerous fortissimo moments while also showing their restraint during other moments. The use of negative space and ambiance has always been a strong suit for the band, and here it's juxtaposed to the massive riffing - and not to mention unexpectedly aggressive soloing from Barker - very well indeed. It's an optimistic song that takes you to places dark and bright in 10 jam-packed minutes of thick, heavy, wonderful music; off to a great start, though things get much darker thematically from here on out.

"Get Out Alive" sadly takes a while to get going, weighed down by vocals that plod along until electrified by a terrific instrumental break that concludes with a sense of strong sense of drifting melancholy. A busy song, even though slow tempo, and probably the weakest on the album.

The wonderful "If It All Comes Down to You" shows the band's ability to craft very likable and approachable music using a blend of sensitively incorporated mellotron, vibes, and guitar tones. It's about as pop-friendly song that the band has ever produced, though its complex instrumentation and prog-feel probably won't convince people who aren't use to listening to music this dense. Still, its a great moment of lightness in the mix, even though it's basically a break-up song, and the contributions by Theo Travis' flute soloing is a great touch.

"Writing on the Wall" continues in achingly melancholic form, being excellently composed for dramatic and emotive effect, especially the four minutes of instrumental work that concludes the song. This leads me to album's conclusion, "Our Days Are Numbered," a powerful instrumental song with amazing tension and performances throughout. Once again, when Anekdoten is at their best, they absolutely nail it. This may be one of their best songs, and it certainly carries an 'end of the world' feel to it's rousing climax.

While not a perfect album, does a tremendous amount of things exceptionally well. This doesn't surprise me, given my ratings of past Anekdoten albums; the band rises above in so many ways, but there's just something illusive that keeps the music from resonating with me. It's this lack of emotional connection that I've decided to keep my rating at a 4-star. You will not be disappointed with , but if you're like me, you probably won't connect or remember much of it specifically afterwards. A great album for fans of loud, heavy, artistic rock.

Songwriting: 4 - Instrumental Performances: 5 - Lyrics/Vocals: 3 - Style/Emotion/Replay: 4

social review comments | MICHAEL Michael Kors Simone Metallic Snake Embossed Mid Sandal BfwJHSqw
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Vince Camuto Kolema Woven City Sandals PrBAjsY


The protocol complied with an adequate handling of the experimental animals as is described in the NOM-062-200-1999 that states the technical details for the production, care and use of laboratory animals for the year 1999. The female Wistar rats with 4weeks of age presented initial weights of 90–100g. The brand of boxes used for this experiment where EHRET® (Germany), which are made of polycarbonate, with 33cm wide and 55cm long and with a depth of 20cm, with grate grids of stainless steel. The drinking troughs were EHRE™ (Germany) of 500ml, made in polycarbonate with stainless steel tips (for autoclave sterilization). Five animals where introduced in each box with and ad libitum access to food and water. The food of the experimental animals was 2018S Teklad Global 18% Protein Rodent Diet® (Harlam Laboratories®, USA). This food has an energy density of 3.1kcal/g of which 18% comes from lipids. The flour to prepare the maize-based foods was manufactured by Maseca® (Gruma®, Mexico). The flour energy density is 4.5kcal/g of which 12% comes from lipids. The animals were subjected to cycles of 12hours of light and 12hours of darkness, temperature of 22-24°C and humidity of 60 to 80%. The rats were kept in the Unidad de Producción, Cuidado y Experimentación Animal (UPCEA) of the Division Académica de Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco. The study was approved by the Research Committee and the Bioethics Committee of the institution.


Metabolic syndrome was induced in three groups of Wistar rats by giving them water with 30% sucrose (Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, Missouri, USA) to drink, following the method of El Hafidi [ 16 , 17 ]. The experiment started when the rats were four weeks of age and ended 28weeks later. The experimental animals were distributed in three groups. The first group received maize tortillas and pellets (n=5), the second received maize pozol [ New Balance WID626v2 Nzxt8e
] and pellets (n=5), the third was the control group (n=5) and received a 30% sucrose solution and no supplemented traditional food in their lab diet. There was also a witness group that received plain water and pellets (n=5).

Following processes inherent to the retrogradation of the maize-based food, it was decided to provide it at precise periods of time, after which the animals returned to their lab diets. An important point is that pozol favours bacterial growth, mainly of lactobacilii, that seem to present hypotriglyceridemic activity [ UNIONBAY Chandelier BagHfuno
]. For supplementation, the animals of the tortilla and pozol groups were distributed in individual boxes with no hay and were allowed to eat traditional food for four hours of each day at a ratio of 50g of each type for each animal, according to the group. After the defined period of time, the food remains were removed to quantify intake. The animals were then re-grouped in the boxes and provided with standard experimental rat food at libitum for the rest of the day in order to minimise the risk of deficiencies in macro or micronutrients, especially of the amino acids lysine and tryptophan.

The tortillas and pozol were prepared with Maseca® (Gruma®, Mexico) maize flour following the manufacturer’s instructions. The product is made from cooked corn kernels with lime (nixtamalization), dried and ground for sale as flour. For both foods the base is a mixture of 500ml of maize flour with 300ml of water. The mixture was made in an Oster® stand mixer with 350 watts motor, with a 4.5qt gallon capacity, and a bowl of 22 × 35 × 35cm. Once the mixture is homogenized, portions of 30g were made, which were placed between cellophane sheets and were flattened with a rolling pin with which the tortillas were formed. The cooking was done in a Rodotec® NG50, commercial tortilladora. The cooked procedure is entering to the dry-heat oven on a conveyor belt with comales, which are on rollers, so the tortillas are recovered in the exit door.

Pozol is a “nixtamal” dough prepared with “nixtamalised” maize in traditional establishments. This maize dough is cooked and ground with lime and water, to which is added toasted and ground cocoa, obtaining a dark dough that is diluted in water. The dough for the experiment was prepared with Maseca® (Gruma®, Mexico) maize flour, as were the tortillas, mixing 125g of maize dough and 9.6g of toasted and ground cocoa. The corn dough and the cocoa grounded were mixed in an Oster® stand mixer.

Blood collection and biochemical variables

Data on the intake of 30% sucrose and traditional food were recorded daily. The weight of each animal was recorded before breakfast every week. Between weeks 12 to 24 blood was obtained from the animals’ tails before breakfast for a monthly recording of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides using test strips in an Accutrend® Plus/GCT system (Roche Diagnostic GmbH,® Mannheim, Germany).

At week 28, the animals were anesthesised and 1ml of blood was obtained from the cardiac cavity using BD Microtainer® (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ) non-additive tubes, in order to measure glucose, triacylglycerols (TAG), total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoproteins (LDL), high density lipoproteins (HDL), C-reactive protein (CRP) and alanine amino transferase (ALT). A second 1ml of blood was obtained and placed in Microtainer® (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ) tubes with KEDTA BD to record glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and carry out a hematic biometry. The animals were then placed in a CO chamber to die.

An automated Johnson Johnson Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics® (Rochester, NY, USA) equipment with a clinical chemistry system was used to measure glucose, TAG, TC, LDL, HDL, CRP and ALT. Glucose was evaluated following the criteria of the American Diabetes Association [ 20 ], where ≤5.54mM/L is desirable, 5.6-6.93mM/L indicates pre-diabetes and ≥6.94mM/L indicates diabetes. Lipids were evaluated following the criteria of the National Cholesterol Education Program [ 21 ]. TAG were considered desirable with ≤1.68mM/L, borderline high with 1.69-2.25mM/L and high with ≥2.26mM/L. TC was considered desirable with ≤4.39mM/L, borderline high with 4.4-5.16mM/L and high with ≥5.17mM/L. LDL were optimal with ≤2.83mM/L, near optimal with 2.84-3.35mM/L and borderline high with ≥3.36mM/L. ALT was defined as desirable up to 0.6668 Kat μ/L. HbA1c was measured using a Stanbio Lab® (Boerne, Texas, USA) work kit and a JENWAY 6305® (Staffordshire, UK) spectrophotometer. The absorbance ranges were calculated following the manufacturer’s guidelines for each standard and sample. The reagents for the determinations were from Ortho Chemical Diagnostic® (Rochester, NY, USA).

Statistical analyses

A two way ANOVA was applied following a Dunnet procedure to determine significance for the values of the tests. The SigmaStat programme (Systat Software®, USA) was used to prepare the figures. The statistical significance was established at a P<0.01. The results are presented with means and standard deviation (SD).

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The animals in the experimental groups recorded no difference in the weight means after 28weeks, nor did they present differences in the intake of the sucrose solution (data not shown). The glucose and cholesterol values tended to increase, with no differences among groups (data not shown). Data on tortilla and pozol intake are presented in Table.

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of 1,761 Merrell Around Town City Lace Air 1AMEa
Via Monte Fasce 91 , 16133, Genoa, Italy
+39 010 395248
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3.5 Indigo Rd Parca FIDD66
“very good food ”
Wed - Sun
9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Italian, Vegetarian Friendly
Via Monte Fasce 91 , 16133, Genoa, Italy
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Honolulu, Hawaii
Reviewed November 10, 2013 via mobile
very good food

all the dishes were really really good you could feel the freshness of the ingredients. just one thing that i think was not right, was that, we took the house wine first but we try it and it was really bad so we odered a... More

Thank Sapry
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no è sempre la stessa.
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Simona G
Buona sera i cani sono ammessi nel vostro ristorante? Grazie
February 10, 2017 |
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Buongiorno. Si i cani sono ammessi. A me non hanno fatto problemi.
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Restaurant Details

There bought by Samuel Jones Loyd, later 1st Baron Overstone (1796–1883);

Thence by inheritance to his son-in-law Brigadier-General Robert Loyd-Lindsay, 1st Baron Wantage, VC, KCB,


London, Burlington Fine Arts Club, School of Siena ,1904, no. 40 (as follower of Francesco di Giorgio);

Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, Pictures from Lockinge House , Wantage, 1934, no.19;

London, Thomas Agnew


S. Colvin (ed.), A Florentine Picture Chronicle , London 1898, reproduced plates XVI–XVII;

P. Misciattelli, ' La donna senese del Quattrocento nella vita privata ', in Bollettino senese di storia patria ,

This elegant panel was painted in Siena in the late 1460s by the famous Veronese painter and miniaturist Liberale da Verona, whose formative youth was spent in that city. The scene is based upon the Trionfo della Pudiccia (‘Triumph of Chastity’) by the great Italian poet Petrarch (1304–1374), itself a section of his long poem Trionfi (‘Triumphs’)
Fig. 1

Liberale da Verona, , formerly Ehrich Galleries, New York © Fondazione Zeri

Fig. 2

Liberale da Verona, , from Graduale 20.5, Liberia Piccolonini, Siena (detail)

Fig. 3

Liberale da Verona, , RMN-Grand Palais, Musée du Louvre © Franck Raux

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London 1815:...
Portrait of...
From Hirst to Warhol: Highlights from Yellow Ball
Fall Under the Spell of Waterhouse’s Seductive Siren
Timeless Fashion, Then and Now
tempera onpoplar panel 41.2x 124.5 cm.; 16 1/4 x 49 in.
Estimate 400,000 600,000

The following condition report is provided by Sarah Walden who is an external specialist and not an employee of Sotheby's: This painting is on a thick poplar panel, with one single central joint. It seems to have remained perfectly firm and flat, with only minor past traces of worm and scarcely any sign of movement in the joint or elsewhere. At some time, probably in the middle of the last century when the painting was exhibited, the two vertical cross bars may apparently have been replaced, with the one on the left being slightly further inset into a slight hollow in the back of the main panel. However there appears to have been minimal intervention overall for several centuries. The attention paid to the back of the panel, and the protection from unstable atmospheric humidity indicated by the glass in front and plastic behind, as well as minor surface conservation, were perhaps in response to exhibitions at the Ashmolean in the 1930's and at Agnews in the middle of the last century. Essentially however the exceptional preservation of the painting remains scarcely disturbed. There has been a gentle accumulation of slightly discoloured old varnish, perhaps partially thinned at times in the past, but the pure tempera colour and brushwork survives vividly in the figures and the chariot, with many intricate punched, patterned and gilded clothes and surfaces. The background landscape and the sky has accreted rather more old varnish, with the trees and mountainous background on the left further darkened by the natural transformation of the rich copper resinate green into deepest brown, or even black in the case of the quite impasted trees. The edges have had occasional small retouchings over a long period, with rather more at both ends and especially in the corners, for instance on the right end base corner and up through the red drapery of the girl at far right, and equally at the end on the left. A few minor old retouchings can be seen occasionally near the upper edge in the sky and a few others are visible under ultra violet light at other edges including along the base, but these are rare and older retouching is not visible under UV. A few other retouchings can be seen, for instance a narrow line in the upper right landscape, and various touches in the long flag in the sky at upper left. However there are minimal interventions of any sort over many centuries. As a wedding chest the painting was evidently put to good use, with traces of a great lock falling fairly frequently onto the paint surface around the figure of Cupid, leaving minute dents. Other minor scratches can also be seen in various places, for instance near the little swirl of paint just above the chariot, or in the red dress just behind the chariot or just above the unicorns. The magnificent drawing so vividly apparent in the unicorns themselves, and the brilliance of the brushwork in the clouds for example, have remained supremely intact and untouched, as has this remarkable painting overall. This report was not done under laboratory conditions."This lot is offered for sale subject to Sotheby's Conditions of Business, which are available on request and printed in Sotheby's sale catalogues. The independent reports contained in this document are provided for prospective bidders' information only and without warranty by Sotheby's or the Seller."

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